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And so do air conditioners when it comes to cooling humid air efficiently.
Which is why air conditioners account for twice as many greenhouse gas emissions as the entire aviation industry.
Forcing us to choose between our own comfort and the comfort of the planet.
Until Now.

At Transaera, we are completely revolutionizing air conditioners with advanced materials that remove moisture from the air before cooling it. Then we use the heat generated by the air conditioner – instead of wasting it – to dry the material for the next cycle. The process uses less electricity, resulting in long-term cost savings and reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

The International Energy Agency Estimates That

10 New Air Conditioners will be sold every second in the next 30 years.

The highest demand for AC will come from humid, tropical areas of the world where 2.5 billion people still lack access to air conditioning. Transaera’s scalable, affordable, and energy-efficient solution will meet this demand in partnership with global AC manufacturers and designers.

Heat Exchanger Coating

Our proprietary coating formulations and heat exchangers can be designed into any air conditioning system — from the smallest automotive systems to the largest commercial roof-top systems – to deliver unprecedented comfort and savings. If you’re an AC manufacturer or designer, please reach out to us for product specifications and a design guide and learn how to incorporate this technology into your own designs.

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Because everyone deserves comfort that doesn’t cost the planet or their wallet.

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