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The Wall Street Journal looks at how Transaera and other startups are designing new air conditioning products that make people cooler without making the planet hotter. The companies are attracting attention and investors in the race to build a better air conditioner.

In the midst of record-setting heat, Scientific American profiles new designs that address humidity and heat without relying on inefficient overcooling.

Energy Impact Partners LP (“EIP”), a global investment platform leading the transition to a sustainable energy future, announced that its Deep Decarbonization Frontier Fund (the “Frontier Fund”) led the seed round in Transaera Inc. The round closed at $4.5 million; EIP was joined in the round by Carrier Ventures, Saint Gobain, and MassCEC.

Big, commercial-scale things are happening at Transaera. Follow us to learn why are disassembling this perfectly good air conditioner just as the hot summer is beginning.

At Transaera, we see our work as critical to peace☮️and planet🌍. Great article on how heat pumps heat & cool with electricity instead of natural gas w/ significant environmental & geopolitical advantages.

Earliest use of AC in White House was an improvised cooling unit designed to keep Pres Garfield comfortable after being mortally shot in 1881. Happy Prez Day!

Enjoyed @ashraenews Winter Conference in #Atlanta last week esp trip to Falcon football stadium, a @USGBC Platinum LEED building that holds 125 M sq ft of air cooled by a 8,600 high-efficiency cooling plant. Off season for 🏈, in season for 🌍!

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MIT Technology Review reports on startups that are tackling dehumidification as well as cooling separately using absorbent materials that could keep building temperatures comfortable with less energy and allow for more flexibility in different environments.

Carrier Global Corporation, the leading global provider of healthy, safe, sustainable and intelligent building and cold chain solutions, announces that Carrier Ventures has invested in Transeara, citing its next-generation technology, high-growth potential and sustainability focus.

Co Founder Ross Bonner talks to Fast Company about how Transaera is using conventional AC design with innovative materials to reduce humidity, heat, and costs.